Flippy Bit And The Attack Of The Hexadecimals From Base 16

UPDATE : Flippy Bit made the Hacker News front page
UPDATE : Flippy Bit's story below was an April Fools joke. The science article and video are fake. The game is real though!


We at Q42 have teamed up with Russian psychologist Kateryna Afinogenova to create this experiment to test her recent study in which a group of 420 kids were shown to have a natural talent for doing bitwise operations and conversions to hexadecimals.

"Seven percent of the test group could bitshift"

she said to Scientific World News in this exclusive interview, which caught our nerdy attention. Especially the following statement:

"While adults have trouble with binary numbers, from around the age of two, children can not only calculate on a binary scale, but even translate from binary to hexadecimal - and back."

We were able to contact her and collaborate remotely on this experimental game that allows kids to literally do that conversion. Afinogenova requested to omit a tutorial to further emphasize the adoption difficulty between adults and children.

We were amazed by the results. You can be amazed too! Play the game on the right or ...

And see if you can do better than this two-year-old :

Note: The game also supports the keyboard. Use keys 1 to 8 (or Q to I, A to K or Z to ,).